Founder of Fur Free LA, Vegans of Instagram, and Vegan Scene

Fur Free LA

An organization of compassionate fashionistas seeking to ban the sale of fur in LA and beyond!

Vegans of Instagram

Your source for everything vegan on Instagram.

Vegan Scene

Los Angeles’s First Vegan Store and Event Space. Coming to Venice Beach Fall 2014

What does “La Belle Nuage” mean?

“La Belle Nuage” (nue + age) was supposed to mean “the beautiful cloud” in French. Amy thought of it during her francophile / emo college phase. It’s actually grammatically incorrect as nuage (cloud) is masculine in French. The correct usage would be “Le Beau Nuage” (the handsome cloud.) Of course Amy didn’t realize her mistake until two years after adopting the name. She’s come to embrace it as it’s flawed and weird just like her. She sends her sincere apologies to the people of France.